2009年、イギリスでその年の最も優れたヘアスタイリストに選ばれたTara Smithの卓越したヘアスタイリング技術はイギリスだけではなく、アメリカのハリウッドスターや多くのファッション誌から絶大なる支持を得ています。


“動物ではなく、映画スターで試す”というスローガンで、タラスミスはすべての動物実験の廃絶を訴えるチャリティー活動を行うVegan Societyで広く認知されており、生産過程で動物実験が全く行われていない製品を証明するThe Leaping Bunnyの企業規格を取得しています。

Tara Smithのホテルアメニティ―のラインアップは小売商品の中でも人気が高い、Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner, Wash Up Shower Gel, Soften Up Body Lotion and Clean Up Soapです。 製品のデザインは動物がプリントされたインパクトあるものになっており、心安らぐ香りの天然植物や花のエッセンスが含まれています。


The 2009 “Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year” in the UK, Tara Smith’s hairstyling talents are in demand by movie stars and fashion magazines in the UK and the US.

She has developed a range of vegan hair care products to bring a new approach to the hair care market. Tara’s belief that “what you put on your body is as important as what you put into it” has led her to develop products that are free of harsh chemicals and committed to ethical vegan standards that reduce environmental impact and exclude all forms of animal cruelty.

Using the slogan, “Tested on film stars, not on animals”, Tara Smith products are authorized by The Vegan Society, a charity that promotes a lifestyle excluding all forms of cruelty to animals, and The Leaping Bunny, a corporate standard that says a product will be 100 percent free of new animal testing.

Tara Smith hotel amenities are selected from popular retail items which include Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner, Wash Up Shower Gel, Soften Up Body Lotion and Clean Up Soap. They feature bold animal print designs and contain natural plant and flower extracts with soothing fragrances.